Saturday, April 27, 2013

Registration is open for the Dead Whores Anal Bimbo Campout 

Who:         Bimbos and Whores of the Hash

What:        Cum yurting with a great group of bimbos, and enjoy
                 the outdoors as they were meant to be enjoyed . . . with
                 copious amounts of alcohol and great food.
When:       June 14, 15, 16
Where:      Skamakawa Vista Park  
Price:        $60 through May 14th.  $75 through June 8th.  Every 
                 bimbo who registers by June 8th will be guaranteed a 
                 give-away.  This price also includes meals for all of
                 Saturday, Sunday breakfast, wine/beer/champagne for 
                 the weekend, and three hashes.  
                 3:00   -   Check-in begins
                 7:00   -   Pot-luck dinner (bring a dish to share)
                 9:00   -   Welcome Hash 


                  9:00   -   Breakfast
                10-12   -   Hiking/Drinking/Crafting/Socializing
                Noon   -    Lunch
                  1:30   -   Shiggy Hash
                  7:00   -   Dinner
                10:00   -   Dance party

                   9:00   -   Breakfast
                 10:00   -   Hangover Hash
                 Noon   -   Check-out time

*Please note that these times are subject to change, as we're bimbos, and we'll do as we please.

Notes:      This weekend is not dog or stroller friendly (leave your responsibilities at home, ladies!)  Vegetarian and gluten-free options will be available at every meal.  All who cum are expected to contribute by either haring, cooking, or cleaning.  

Here's to the bimbos, and an epic hash weekend!